Terms & contract

Article 1

Article 1 : Transport Services – Object of the Contract Services consists of transporting clients who have pre-booked one or more vehicles with a chauffeur. SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE agrees that the vehicle and chauffeur be in place 15 minutes before the pick-up time from train stations, airports, ports or hotels. A 15-minute waiting period, starting from pick-up time, is included in the price. Concerning transfers from city centers (doorstep pick-up), the vehicle and chauffeur will be in place 5 minutes before the pick-up time, and a 10-minute waiting period, starting from the pick-up time, is included in the price. SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE commits that: – All interiors and exteriors of our vehicles are cleaned daily, before each service – All our chauffeurs are professional drivers, salaried workers of our company, and holders of the professional tourism chauffeur card, “Grande Remise” license or a D-category license with a professional FIMO qualification. – All our chauffeurs speak English, and wear a suit and tie. CLIENTS agree to: – Wear their seatbelt. – Sign a certificate that the transport has been completed at the end of the services provided. – Not smoke in the vehicle, and consumption of alcoholic or potentially messy drinks (soda, coffee…) is prohibited in the vehicle. Any and all damage caused by the client will be his responsibility and will be subject of an official report.

Article 1 bis

Article 1 bis : Specific Conditions of Transport Service SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE reserves the right, for any reservation, to schedule a vehicle of equal category and/or superior capacity to the one requested without prior notice to the client. SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE reserves the right to subcontract all or part of the service requested without prior notice to the client. SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE reserves the right to modify at any moment and without prior notice to the client, the attribution of one or more planned chauffeurs to carry out transportation services even when the contact information of the latter has already been communicated. All information concerning the details of service are available by phone at +334. ,24h a day. Within the context of the all-inclusive service requests, end time indicated on the tariff proposal is the end time of planned services, and is the limit time for passenger drop-off. Exceeding the end time indicated on the tariff proposal will lead to billing of supplementary hours according to the hourly scales as defined on the tariff proposal. Different services ordered and filled out on the tariff proposal are all independent. Hourly packages or kilometers unused by the client may, in no way, be carried over or combined with another service or another day.

Article 2

Article 2 : Booking After receiving the quote, the client must return it stamped and signed. The contract is deemed validated only after a deposit of 50% of the total invoice. The remaining balance is due upon receipt of invoice prior to services provided by SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE.

Article 3

Article 3 : Updates and Cancellation Policy Any updates must be made by fax or email. SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE is dedicated to taking the necessary measures in order to reasonably satisfy client requests. Any cancellation must be made to SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE in the following delay prior to transport services(unless differently specified on the tariff proposal) Mini Bus, Mini Coach and Coach (Vehicles of more than 9 seats) – 72 hours prior : 30 % of the invoice will be billed – 48 hours prior : 50 % of the invoice will be billed – 24 hours prior : 80 % of the invoice will be billed Standard Sedan, Luxury Sedan and Minivans (Vehicles with less than 9 seats) – 48 hours prior: 30 % of the invoice will be billed – 24 hours to 6 hours prior: 50% of the invoice will be billed – 6 hours prior (office hours): 100% of the invoice will be billed All cancellations (applying to all vehicle types) will lead to a billing corresponding to 15% (30€ minimum excluding taxes) of the requested services corresponding to the processing fee. For any cancellation the day of the transport, the entirety of the invoice will be billed. All refunds will be processed after cancellation within 15 days.

Article 4

Article 4 : Lateness and No Show In the event that the client would be late at the time of pick-up (with the exception of a plane or train delay), and not having previously informed SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE, the chauffeur will wait 15 minutes, after this delay transport will be considered as cancelled and in no case refunded. Beyond the waiting time stipulated in Article 1, waiting will be billed on an hourly basis depending on the vehicle category, per 15 minute periods.

Article 5

Article 5 : Price and Payment All completed services are to be paid in full, the price includes the vehicle with a chauffeur at your disposal for the predetermined routes as well as toll fees and fuel. Payment for supplementary services will be made directly to the chauffeur by the client. Supplementary services are considered any service made by SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE, requested by the client and not stipulated in the quote. Any late payments will lead to due penalties without prior formal notice, the late penalties will be equal to three times the legal interest rate, calculated on the total amount of the bill, including taxes. Any client with late payment status is right debtor in respect to SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE, a lump sum for recovery fees of which the amount is fixed by article D.441-5 of the Code of Commerce at 40 euros. When the recovery fees are superior to this lump sum, the creditor can ask for additional compensation upon justification. SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE is authorized to apply up to 5% increase on the total amount of the services, taxes included, if payment is made by American Express or any other cards affiliated with entities charging commissions to SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE .

Article 6

Article 6 : Discounts and Rebates The services provided will be billed under current condition rates at the time of the quote. No discount will be granted in the event of an anticipated payment.

Article 7

Article 7 : Chauffeurs Work Time Terms for Vehicles of more than 9 Seats Our rates are calculated in compliance with the social regulations governed by road passenger transport for vehicles of more than 9 seats. Daily working hours for chauffeurs may not exceed 14 hours (time from leaving the garage to returning to the garage). Driving hours may not exceed 9 hours per day with a 45-minute obligatory pause for every 4 and a half hours of day driving and 4 hours of night driving. All hourly overruns requiring the presence of a second chauffeur will be billed according to the hourly rates corresponding to the vehicle type and according the kilometer rates corresponding to the chauffeur’s trip from our parking garage to the vehicle location. Article 7 bis : Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability and Insurance SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE shall not be liable for the non-execution or lateness of one of its obligations described in the present General Sales Terms & Conditions, resulting from a force majeure (Article 1148 du Code Civil). Meaning any and all events deemed by SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE to be over-powering, insurmountable, and external to the company (exceptional climate conditions, streets or highways which have been blocked in an unforeseen or exceptional way, stopped traffic, accident…) In the event of immobility of the vehicle during the transport due to mechanical failure, an accident or damage (theft, weather damage), SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE will do its best to ensure the continuity of the route, be it by one of its own vehicles, or by a vehicle chartered from another company and will attempt to notify the client. Responsibility by SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE is limited to the terms of our insurance contract with Mutelle Fraternelle Insurance. The client will have an option to subscribe to a complementary insurance at his own expenses for cancellation fees, coverage of transported baggage, without this being an exhaustive list.

Article 8

Article 8 : Jurisdiction and Applicable Law All claims must be made in writing with an advice of delivery within 8 days of the execution of the services provided. The present content figuring in the General Sales Terms & Conditions will be subject to French law. In case of a dispute, power of jurisdiction is attributed to the Commercial Court of Marseille, which is expressly accepted by customers of SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE.

Article 9

Article 9 : Client Acceptance Policy The present General Sales Terms & Conditions as well as quotes, booking confirmations, discounts and rebates are expressly agreed to and accepted by clients of SAS TRANSPORT 1ère CLASSE effective from the time of booking confirmation. Clients hereto acknowledge and declare to have a full understanding of these terms and conditions and because of this renounce any contradicting document in particular their own terms of purchase